North York Moors CAM

Wednesday 26th January 2000

A short walk from Skelton to Upleatham Church


Upleatham from Barns Farm

Upleatham, 'the village on the hill', as seen in the distance from near Barns Farm, Skelton


Bowman Hill

Looking back south to Bowman Hill from the same spot


Upleatham from 2nd stile

Upleatham from our second stile


Fanny Bank Wood

Little footbridge in Fanny Bank Wood



Don't know what they are but they don't look too appetising!


footbridge over Skelton Beck

Footbridge over Skelton Beck


Upleatham Church

Upleatham Church - the smallest church in Yorkshire.
Built in 1684, it measures 18 feet long by 15 feet wide and is what remains of a once larger church


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