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'THE KEY' Magazine

'The Key' magazine is distributed free of charge to residents of North Skelton & Layland. It is published on a voluntary basis three times a year in April, August and December. My sister, Norma Templeman, is the editor and is responsible for getting all the local stories and photographs together. I design the magazine using a desktop publishing program and we then take the finished article to a local printer who produces about 1,000 copies. The magazine is available to other members of the public for a minimum donation of 50p. The cost of producing the magazine is funded by local Councils, Parish Councils and private company donations plus of course those from the public.

In each edition we dedicate several pages to a nostalgic Photo Gallery of pictures from the past and present. I thought it a good idea to put some of these black & white photographs online for anyone interested to look at - perhaps you may recognize relatives or friends from this area.

I have also include links to some of the stories from Issue 28 onwards.

Issue 24 - August 1999

Issue 25 - December 1999

Issue 26 - April 2000

Issue 27 - August 2000

Issue 28 - December 2000

Issue 29 - April 2001

Issue 30 - August 2001

Issue 31 - December 2001

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